Sunday, February 26, 2012

1st Sunday in Lent - A Blessed Day

  • The look on K's face when Pastor made the sign of the cross on her forehead and told her, "The Lord God bless you and keep you in the faith which He poured out on you in the water and word of Holy Baptism through Jesus Christ."
  • The look on Pastor's face when she excitedly exclaimed, "Christ!"
  • Hearing that my sins are indeed forgiven.
  • My sweet husband recapping the gospel lesson for me later, since I was too distracted with K to remember (though I know it was a great sermon = law & gospel). 
  • Hubby playing with K (and her delighted giggles throughout) while I got a delicious soup and some gf brownies on the table. 
  • Hearing hubby and K singing vespers together as he put her down for the night.
It's tough. I LOVE having K in the Divine Service with us, but days like today make it difficult sometimes. She was so squirmy. Also, she was really into practicing her new vocabulary words and loudly imitating what she was seeing (i.e. holding up her little book and loudly singing "La, la, la!" after we're done singing and everyone is trying to listen to the scripture lesson). Very adorable, of course, but putting all my energy into containing her makes me totally exhausted. 

Thank You Lord, for a church where we don't have a nursery. Thank You for this opportunity to teach K how to sit and listen and love Your Word and Sacrament. Please forgive all my self-pity and give me strength and wisdom and joy in this godly task. Thank you for this sweet child who sings, "La, la, la!" to You with all her heart!

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